What is LandGrab?

LandGrab is an online browser-based world domination strategy game.  It's very similar to Hasbro's Risk*.  
If you've played Risk, you'll probably know how to play LandGrab. There is no charge to join and play
LandGrab (in up to 4 games at a time -- unlimited games can be played with a premium account upgrade).

*Note: LandGrab is not associated with Hasbro or Risk in any way.  Risk is a registered trademark of Hasbro.

The following screenshots will give you an idea of what LandGrab looks like. There are also a few video
screencasts with narration available
. For more information on the specifics of LandGrab (how to play, rules, etc),
please see the help pages.

The main page shows current games (games you're registered in as well as open public games):

To join a game you can click on the "Join Game..." link in any public game.  
If there aren't any public games open at the moment, you can create a new game by clicking on the "New Game" icon.  
There's a lot of options that are available when creating a new game, here's what it looks like:

LandGrab supports custom maps, and even includes a built-in map editor so you can add your own custom map.
Here's what the map editor looks like:


Here's what the game board looks like, using a custom map titled "Pangea", created by Foist.

The messages screen allows you to send public (and private, if enabled) messages to other players
and teammates. Here's what the messages screen looks like: